In the unlikely event you’ve stumbled across this blogg at random..

7 Mar

In the unlikely event you’ve stumbled across this blogg at random..

B.I.G. – BASS INDOOR GATHERING… a celebration of bass influenced music and some of its greatest pioneers, taking place on Saturday 28th April at one of Birmingham‘s finest venues the HMV Institute with 40+artists

Heres a few notes on just some of them..more interesting stuff and of course their music to come..

Stay tuned to The SIGNAL! More artists to be announced!

Sir David “Ram Jam” Rodigan.
The Sound Clash King, his unmatchable energy and much sampled microphone style are famous worldwide and were even recognized by the Crown this year when he was awarded an MBE!

Shy FX – Master mind behind Original Nutta, Bambatta, Shake Your Body and Raver, and the ground breaking Digital Sound Boy label.

MJ Cole – From classics like Sincere and Crazy Love to recent works with Wiley and Example, intricate and heart-wrenching but always floor filling.

Breakage – spanning the BPMs effortlessly but firmly rooted in bass. His smash “Hard” from the acclaimed Foundation LP featured the great David Rodigan himself.

Loefah – original Dubstep DMZ pioneer, now at the forefront of Bass music with his Swamp 81 label.

Youngsta – uncompromising Rinse FM favourite, year on year voted the number 1 Dubstep DJ – nuff said!

Jungle Drummer v Ball-Zee – live battle between one the worlds most ingenious and talented drummers and the current UK Beat Boxing champion

Doc Soctt – from Hardcore pioneer to founder of DnB’s most influential label Metal Headz with Goldie and his own 31 Records – always cutting Edge.

Cyantific – Not only responsible for anthems like Don’t Follow on Hospital & more recently Ram but also an 1Xtra award winning DJ of supreme skill.

Loxy – Etched deep into the history of dnb since the dawn of Renegade Hardware as one of it’s lynch pins, more recently he his work with resound on Exit has illustrated his span across not just the genre but the whole of bass.

Dubphizix – Exploded into the limelight with the anthem of 2012 so far – the mighty Marka featuring Strategy (who joins him on the night)


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