R.A. interview with B.I.G. guest Loefah on his Swamp81 label..

20 Mar

Great in depth R.A. interview with B.I.G. guest Loefah on his Swamp81 label..

Label of the month: Swamp 81
RA’s Ryan Keeling scores a rare interview with Loefah, the man behind one of the UK’s most exciting imprints.
Loefah has a vision… although he seems to be the only one who can see it… and he doesn’t quite know how to articulate it. “Swamp shit” is the phrase you’ll find Peter Livingstone use most often to describe the music he releases on his imprint. This inability to categorize Swamp 81’s output isn’t merely a label boss playing dumb and refusing to be pigeonholed. Since hitting its stride in March 2010 with the release of Addison Groove’s game-changing “Footcrab,” Swamp 81 has rode a thrilling wave of ambiguity, establishing it as arguably the most exciting and vital imprint to emerge from post-dubstep London.
Rewind to dubstep London, and Livingstone is one third of DMZ—arguably the scene’s most exciting and vital imprint. Alongside childhood friends Mala and Coki, the group played a vital role in shaping the sound and course of the emergent genre. They released classic 12-inches and threw legendary parties. Dubstep grew from its UK roots and DMZ travelled the world with it. Then, in 2007, something snapped. Livingstone was no longer feeling it. “Fraudulent” is the word he uses to describe his underlying mood around this time period. Whether it was the direction dubstep was headed in or a seismic shift in his tastes, he knew that something had to change…Read more at … http://www.residentadvisor.net/feature.aspx?1542

Words / Ryan KeelingPublished / Tuesday, 20 March 2012

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